Meet Jae

your Fitness instructor

I was at my ends wit, feeling like I haven’t found what EXACTLY it is I needed to be doing. I was confused. So I then began thinking about what is it that makes me happy? Damn, I was still confused. Seeming that nothing was making me happy because it wasn’t purposeful. Then I thought harder, what is it that I loved to do as a child? Dancing! Man, I would be dancing around the house, in the store, in the church and everywhere!

Well, why did it make me happy? Because it felt good, no it really did. Dancing does more than provide a great workout, it releases endorphins. You know the feel goods you get after finishing a run, or getting off the dance floor with your friends. Dancing made me feel whole, it electrified the energy I’ve already had within me. The BOOM. It hit me, my purpose is to share this energy with others so that they may find their purpose. Even if it is just for the day or for a lifetime.

Find. Your. Purpose Dance Fitness has a mission to “ Provide a safe space welcoming all who are in need of fulfillment. To charge them with a energy filled with motivation, fun, accountability and results. Offering fitness classes through dance to help met healthy goals and body transformations”.

I want to offer you to be a part of this journey, because I will be taking it right with you!

I want to offer you the opportunity to feel this powerful wave.

I want to you to be here with me to Find. Your. Purpose.

Can’t wait to see you!



Jessica (Jae) Seisay.